Power Management Solutions

Power Management Solutions

The Swift Energy Power Management System (PMS )will be integrated into your new platform or can be a retrofit into the existing rig or vessel where upgrades are needed. Examples of these are if well injection is being added or tankers are being refitted for FSO use. The PMS will include Generator Management Functions along with essential features to enhance the stability & operation of the power system.

The Swift PMS has a processor which is a Siemens S7 PLC & the Human Machine Interface (HMI) located in the PMS panel will be a 19 inch Siemens touch screen that will allow the complete electrical system to be controlled from this one HMI. There can also be serial links to other systems such as ENMCS, DCS, SCADA or alternatively a dedicated remote HMI can be supplied in the control room.

Swift have chosen the SIEMENS S7 PLC for the offshore market because a PMS system is seen not only as a controller but also as a safety system that prevents electrical power schemes become overloaded & then put into jeopardy. This PLC is therefore used as it is extremely reliable, has fast computational performance & communication plus it is readily expandable for future offshore extensions. The speed is essential in a PMS system as following the loss of a power source then Fast Acting Load Shed is required to make sure the excessive load is disconnected otherwise a cascade blackout could occur.

The Swift PMS is optimised so that it responds within 40milliseconds of a disturbance & issues load shedding signals to only disconnect the minimum required load to ensure a stable system. If the excessive load was to continue to be connected then it would be thrown onto the remaining generator sets which would then be overloaded & they would trip off so causing a Blackout. The PMS ensures that the generation continues so there in no blackout & pumping is maintained so that the product continues to flow. Speed is one of the reasons that PMS are standalone systems that function independently as larger systems cannot react quickly enough to prevent a blackout.

Applications :

  • Oil & Gas either Platforms or FSO to prevent blackout
  • Power stations for Grid, IPP or Renewable Energy to control generation
  • Ports, Factories & Process Plants to reduce Maximum Demand